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Be an Au Pair in Japan. We can support Au Pair in Japan!
These are requirements which all of Aupair in Japan have to meet.


Basic Application Criteria

・Must be aged 18-30
・Not married
・Have professional or practical childcare experience
・Agree to commit to a full year’s stay in Japan and be prepared to provide up to 35 hours of childcare a week.
(It’s possible to stay less than a year, however finding host family might be difficult.)
・Have intrests in Japanese life-style and culture.
・Have completed secondary school education.
・Be proficient in spoken Japanese.
・Have no criminal record.
・Have a valid passport.
・Have driver’s licence is much better.


Details of Au Pair Job

Providing childcare for a maximum of 35 hours per week (usually on a daily 6 hour basis)
・Dropping the children off and picking them up from school or activities
・taking care of the children: supervision, games, meals, baths..
・assisting in keeping the children’s rooms clean
・Participating in the daily housework
・The family may ask you for an extra 2 evenings of baby-sitting a week.

easy housework for the family


Provided by the Host Family

・an individual room
・3 meals for a day
Mealtime is not considered work time, except if you are alone with the children.
Food is provided, however you may have to cook for yourself. ・a stipend of 10,000yen a week
・health insurance in JAPAN
・a weekly day-off, usually on Sundays
・2 weeks vacation (if you stay in JAPAN for 1 year.)
You are not entitled to any additional vacation time during your stay. However, an arrangement could possibly be reached between you and your family.


Japanese courses

Japanese language courses are compulsory for all Au Pairs coming to Japan. The expenses for the courses will be paid by the Au Pairs.
World Au Pair in JAPAN will assist incoming Au Pairs in finding affordable Japanese Courses.


Health Insurance

The host family will pay your health insurance in JAPAN when you are an Au Pair.

Medical Benefits : 100%

Coverage is limited to not more than ¥2,000,000 per year
and shall not exceed 180 days from the start of medical care for a particular illnessor injury. Minor illnesses will be covered up to ¥10,000 for each illness.

Term Life Insurance:

Cause of Death Adults Accidental : ¥7,000,000
Cause of Death Adults Illness:/Natural : ¥3,000,000

Disability :

Benefit for physical impediment or disability due to an accident up to ¥5,000,000 (the amount shall correspond to the degree of injury).

Personal Liability Indemnification :

Up to ¥10,000,000 for bodily injury and/or property damage to another person caused by an adult member of the Plan


Travel costs

The travel costs are usually paid by the Au Pair herself/himself. If Au Pair wants host family to bear a part or all of the costs, Au Pair needs to ask and negotiate about it with the family by AuPair-self. Then host family would pay back the travel costs when Au Pair has successfully arrived and stayed with them for a part of the agreed time.

Placement in Japan is FREE for Au-Pairs.
Please register here, if you meet the basic application criteria..

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WAPJ Privacy Policy:

Identities and private information about Au Pairs and Au Pair applicants will will remain confidential. Applicant information will only be used in the selection process and will not be shared with other companies or individuals.